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A Simple Way to Compare DISH Network with the Competition.


Find the channels you want. For the programming people watch DISH Network has the EVERYDAY low price nationwide. What you'll find is that for almost every channel in America, you'll pay less for it with DISH Network. Our America's Top 120 package has popular channels like ESPN and USA that you'll want to watch. Sure it's true that there are certain channels like FX and Bravo that aren't included, but we do that so that you aren't forced to pay for channels you don't watch. But, if you do want these channels, you can get them in our America's Top 200 package, and STILL PAY LESS than you would with DIRECTV.

Compare HD Channel count and cost. DISH Network has the most HD with over 200 channels. Everyone claims to have the most HD channels and we know it's very confusing. That's why we point you to several third party resources who agree DISH Network has more HD than DIRECTV. Plus, with DISH Network you can get your HD FREE for Life with any America's Top package. (Requires Agreement, AutoPay and Paperless Billing.)

Compare Sports Programming. - DISH Network is a proud satellite provider of NFL RedZone. If you love football and don't know what this channel is, you're missing out. Imagine seeing EVERY touchdown from EVERY Sunday afternoon game, in HD. Now imagine if you only had to pay $7 per month. Add Multi-Sport Pack today to watch the most exciting action from around the NFL all season, plus even more sports coverage from Big Ten Network, NHL Network, NBA TV, and 29 regional sports networks.

Compare your total price including equipment. The DISH Network advertised discounts take effect as soon as you activate your service with no extra steps required. DIRECTV makes you go through a long rebate process; you have to fill out a rebate form, allow them to send you marketing emails and then be forced to wait 6-8 weeks before you get your money. This rebate process is the reason the Washington state Attorney General stated "... they either bury the details in print that's impossible for most people to read, or they fail to provide it altogether."

DISH Network recognizes that most people have 2 or more TVs. That's why our advertised prices include service on two TVs. Our competition charges extra for every additional TV in your home - adding $60 or more to your bill each year.

Our competition is spending millions asking you not to compare. We simply ask you to take a look and decide for yourself.


Packages starting at $24.99 per month for 12 months (with agreement)

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